Pumpkin – Cinderella


10 Seeds Per Packet

Charming Cinderella Pumpkin Seeds. Ridged, beautiful and easy to grow. Up to 6 per vine.


Charming Cinderella Pumpkin.

  • Organic
  • Grown in USA
  • Open Pollinated
  • Non GMO

Deeply ridged decorative pumpkin. Highly popular in Paris in the 1880s, and introduced to the U.S. in 1883.  12″–24″ across, and weighs 15–20 pounds. Can be carved, but so beautiful you can just admire this pumpkin for itself. A fabulous stand-alone decoration. Slightly sweet; and excellent choice for pies and canning. Resembles Cinderella’s coach, hence the name.

These pumpkins are best known for their creamy light flesh and their bright red-orange exteriors. These can be kept over winter and throughout early spring as long as they are not cut or carved.

This variety is POWDERY MILDEW RESISTANT. Can be grown in a pot, just make sure to let the vine trail out and allow a decent amount of space for it to crawl.

How to Grow –  3-4 vines per mound. Enhance growth with organic fertilizers or compost.

Size: 14-18 inches across. Vines up to 10 feet. About 6 fruit per vine.

When to Sow – Summer time when soil is above 70 degrees. Faster germination.

When to Harvest – When leaves begin to die back and fruit is a vibrant color. Cut vine leaves several inches attached to pumpkin.

Days to Maturity – 90 days with full sun

Sowing: 1/2″ to 1″ Deep.  24″ spacing between plants

Ships 1-2 business days

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