Echeveria Albicans 1 lb


1/2 lb weight, bare root.

Packaged with great care. Shipped via USPS priority mail



INCLUDED: You will receive 1 pound Echeveria Albicans, bare root.

Echeveria albicans is a stemless, glamorous, compact Echeveria, whose thick, pale olive leaves in rosettes can grow up to 5 inches across.

Cultivation: Echeveria albicans is a slow-growing, ground-covering succulent. Use very porous soil, that allows a good drainage. Bright light is essential to prevent “stretching” in Echeverias. Water the plant when the soil is dry to the touch, keep it almost dry in winter. It is frost sensitive.  Well-drained soil.

Echeveria succulents are treasured amongst all succulent enthusiasts for their beautiful rosette shapes.



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