Miracles of Gardening

There are miracles going on all around us if we merely take the time to notice. How does a tomato seed, the size of a BB become a plant the size of a man, then produce hundreds of tomato fruit, which each include dozens of seeds for future generations?

To garden is to touch the Divine. Nourishing plants whether for beauty or consumption is a connection with the Keeper of the Universe.

Gardening has many proven health benefits to mind and body. Gardens are now being added to hospitals and clinics for their healing value. Gardens have been added to thousands of schools across the country for their value in education and cooperative teamwork.

Eating what you grow is a true spiritual experience. Community gardens not only provide stress reduction, healthy food, and outdoor activities, but also nourish a sense of connection with others.

Excerpt “12 Keys to a Healthier Cancer Patient” by Dr Patrick Quillin, PhD,RD,CNS

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