Grow Purple Cauliflower

growing purple cauliflower

Purple is one of the most popular colors on plant earth. Many people seek out purple vegetables and produce in the grocery store. The discovery of the purple cauliflower with its deep vibrant purple is a sight to behold. Knowing it comes from Mother…

IS Zucchini Healthy?

How healthy are zucchini?

Living in Tulsa, OK for 11 years, I asked the locals if crime was a problem.  They replied, “well, in August you better be sure to lock your car, because otherwise someone might put a bag of zucchini in your car.”  🙂  People who…

Mediterranean Gardening for Better Health

It makes so much sense: “you are what you eat.” Veterinarians know the irreplaceable link between nutrient intake and health. Actually, most of our pets eat better than most Americans. Your dog or cat probably eats a balanced formula of protein, carbohydrate, fat, fiber,…

Medicinal Plants For Your Garden

Flowers can have an uplifting effect on the human spirit with their colors, scent and beauty. There are many popular flowers which also have natural medicinal healing properties. Flowers can be used for physical health enhancement as well as for safely managing emotional issues…

Powerful Antibiotics From the Garden

Mediterranean Gardening

Finding healing powers in plants is an ancient idea. Plants are rich in a wide variety of secondary metabolites, such as tannins, terpenoids, alkaloids and flavonoids, which have been found to have antimicrobial properties. A wide variety of these can be planted in your…

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